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ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning

We are the German tuning experts have a look at our Porsche 911 PDK Turbo
Original BHP 500 tuned 580 bhp Plus 80-100 nm torque
0-60 3.2 secs tuned 0-60 2.8 secs.

VW Golf R 2015+ AUDI S3 2015 via OBD Port Expect 370-400 (370 Stage1) (400bhp Stage2+) 100bhp over stock.


C63 Amg Tuning 450 bhp to 520 bhp!! inc rolling road see our facebook like page on your left bar.
Bosch ME 9.7 ECU tuned by Chiptuners via EVC BDM custom software by Chiptuners via winols, rolling road by dyno dynamics two wheel drive rolling road. K & N air filters fitted

C63 AMG Tuning Type 6.3 L AMG standard 450 bhp tuned to 520 bhp
Rolling road incl. contact us for details.


Price 699 pounds inc rolling road before and after!



Seat Leon petrol turbo 1.8t 180 bhp tuned by Chip Tuners Read via OBD modifed via winols Chip Tuners Custom Software:
Type Bosch ME7.5 ECU.
seat rolling road tuning

  • Launch Control boost at low revs from idle!!
  • Anti lag when clutch depressed no boost loss.
  • data logged exhaust gas temps at 780-800 degrees hard throttle/driving, intake air temps 40-50 (varied) degrees, made 230 bhp plus 68 nm torque.
  • Rolling road carried out.




BMW M3 E46 3.2 343 bhp tuned by Chip Tuners

  • Shift lights enabledBMW M3 Tuning
  • sport button memory enabled
  • Sport button map switch
  • fitted high performance air filter
  • +32 bhp extra tuned for 98-99 ron fuel
  • cats removed 2nd lambda deleted





Vauxhall Astra 150 CDTI tuning ecu type Bosch EDC16

Astra 1.9 CDTI

  • Sport button mapping
  • made 199.8 bhp on our rolling road
  • egr deleted





Range Rover TDV8 3.6 Tuning,

range rover ecu tuning


  • Vmax release
  • lower end torque
  • from 272 bhp to 310 bhp
  • 80 nm torque
  • up to 10 mpg extra



Audi RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6  TFSI tuning

  • Stage 1+3 custom tuning available audi rs tuning
  • up to 120+bhp over stock
  • gearbox remapping available incl dsg.
  • tried and tested on our rolling road.

Click RS on logo for more info

We are the tuning experts expect only the best like this C63 AMG below make520 bhp from 457 bhp are you powered by Chiptuners?

rolling road



Our Software Is all Custom Made Using Winols The Pros Choice Map editing

Anyone Can Read a ECU via OBD are you Getting the best JOB? we are software specialists thats all we do!

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Get a Quality Service

In most cases this remapped program is installed electronically and remotely through the car’s diagnostic port; there’s no replacement chip, and we don’t touch the ECU itself.

And we always test your vehicle before handing it back for you to enjoy, just making sure everything is operating as it should be.

Our methods:

OBD : Plug Into Diagnosis Socket and Read and Program Modified File most Vehicles From 1999-2008 price £199.

BDM Vehicles With Reading Disabled or Communication from ECU wire not present on OBD Socket or Protocol Not Developed This Way We Can Read a Full Back up of ECU  i.e: If Reading or Writing Fails Via OBD we Can Recover This Way. Price £225.

Re-chipping ECU vehicles From 1997-2004 We can Rechip Most ECU Only required for early models or a ECU Recovery Where ECU fails in read or write. Process 3hr price £250.

Bootloader Tricore For New ECU 2008-Present Bosch EDC17 MED 17 MEV 17 Where We Remove ECU Read Off The Vehicle, Process Around 3.5-4 Hr. Price £300-£350. Does Not Affect Warranty. We Make a Full Back Up of ECU.

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The professional tuning solution we provide ECU remaps for Power & economy Tuning. including DPF off solutions. ECU recovery, ECU File Service. Bosch ECU Specialist.

Dpf Removal

DPF Removal Service We Can Remove Your DPF Via Software And Remove DPF Pipe Click Image

Our Software Is all Custom Made Using Winols The Pros Choice

Anyone Can Read a ECU via OBD are you Getting the best JOB? we are software specialists thats all we do!

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