ECU Remapping


ECU Remapping

If your reading this article then you are probably someone interested in getting the best possible return in performance and output from your vehicle, correct? In order to achieve this then it is important to understand just what ECU Remapping is all about.

(Engine) C. (Control) U. (Unit) this forms the heartbeat of most modern engines, particularly performance cars. It should be noted though that a car, typically produced before 2000 may not be suitable for or be able to undergo ECU remapping, that is unless as an enthusiast you have already upgraded the engine to achieve this next stage of performance upgrade. If you are not an expert in the industry then it is not really advisable to remap your own car, it is recommended that you seek a reputable specialist in this field who will provide sound advice, provide a reliable service and importantly, an extended warranty for the works. This will ensure that you at least have a guaranteed fallback position should the work not be to your satisfaction.

What can ECU Remapping expect to achieve?

As previously suggested and the reason why you are reading this article is because you are examining ways and looking for information on just how you can get that “extra” legal, achievable performance out of your car’s engine. Remapping allows you to make changes to the performance of your vehicle by alteration to how the engine drives the car. Any driver should ask themselves why am I looking for these improvements?

If it is simply to feel that extra surge of power and thrill at the increase of speed, that’s fine. If however as an owner who is looking to optimise performance for fuel economy and control, through having more response from the increased power from the vehicle this too is fine. However, even though on both counts a considerable increase in horsepower and torque results in an increase in speed, and the driver should be prepared for this and maybe change driving habits to retain safety and control as well as fuel economy! An increase in power can come at the cost of economy, it is how each individual driver chooses to use or drive the car after ECU Remapping that will essentially determine the effects the tuning will have.

Is ECU Remapping good for my car?

There are various considerations to be made before making the decision to have remapping. As previously stated, it should first be determined, can my car be remapped? Age and condition as well as design of the engine and its management system will decide this. It goes without saying, if the condition of the engine is questionable, then ECU Remapping may not be achievable and advice should be sought on just what can be achieved, this is where using reputable specialist provider is important, a good company will be prepared and happy to help you to make the correct decisions on remapping.

ECU Remapping changes the control unit software to achieve the performance, therefore, questions should be asked and consideration given to this. Software updates or replacements must be supported with a warranty which provides a route to repair or replacement should there be any issues arising in the future.

ECU Remapping is a modification to the vehicle and this may have insurance implications for the driver. Consultation with the driver’s insurance provider should take place to ensure that premiums paid are correct and that the driver insurance policy remains valid for the vehicle. In the severest cases scenario it may be that driver insurance is denied because the vehicle has been remapped. A mathematical balance of performance versus premium should be considered!

All things considered and if it is right for both driver and vehicle then ECU Remapping could well be the answer to achieving what is required as ECU Remapping does provide benefits that may offset the downsides.

Always remember there are many reputable and professional companies in the market offering an excellent service, thereby reducing the worry and risk from enquiry to completion. The choice to invest in ECU Remapping remains with the driver, and it should be taken with consideration at points along the way. The outcome will be satisfying and lead to happy motoring for the enthusiasts.