Fuel economy Remapping

Fuel economy gains

Chip Tuners have developed a System to give you better miles per gallon, how does this work?
when a vehicle leaves the factory they produce with one thing in mind cost effective they use one map that fits all most of them are bad quality as they over fuel and under boost at low revs.

winols image ecu economyon a BMW 330d i.e at low revs at 50% throttle as most 3rd generation ECU (from 2004-on) are torque based, requesting around 400 nm torque with only 1.1 bar boost with 70 milligrams of fuel so we are over fuelling! we smooth the torque curve requesting 450 nm at mid range 2200 rpm. we up the boost to 0.08 bar from 1500 rpm  and adjust injection timing injection pressure,  results will be around 10 mpg on long runs short runs 4 mpg! in turn we burn less fuel. more boost-precise timing- better combustion=less fuel.

What can you expect from a chip tuners economy remap

  • better power delivery expect 25-35 bhp
  • on short runs 4 mpg
  • long runs up to 10 mpg
  • save around 60-80 miles a tank
  •  no more engine strain
  • more torque due to better combustion

Flexi fuel compatible.  from chip tuners

on diesel vehicles we have recorded gains of 10 mpg extra saving around 60+ miles a tank contact us bottom right.