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We are pleased to offer ECU Recovery for Most ECU from bad software upgrades Starting from £250

  • ecu recovery from £250

  • remapping from £200 

  • ECU Testing £30+ postage

  • ECU Cloning Supply and fit ECU from £250

Most Modern ECU have something called a Flash memory where the engine data is stored also a processor for example Motorola MPC 55 where the data is processed into real time with many calculations per second!!!
these also have a separate storage for immobilizer data chassis depending on ECU called E2prom eeprom memory some Siemens ecu have engine data stored in processor!
see pic fig 1 is flash memory fig 2 is processor E2prom is on the other side.

ecu testing

chiptuning repair ecu recovery

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After many years of development we have unlocked the processor and eeprom flash to enable ecu recovery replacement with no need to go to the main dealers expensive we know,
the way ecu works though the years remain the same however the memory have increased and processing speed. the early Bosch ME7.xx have a operating system based on the Nokia early smart phones!!
we are here to help, you can even send us the ecu for:

  • immobilizer removal
  • cloning
  • ecu testing
  • ecu recovery
  • bad flash recovery
  • bad checksum
  • faulty ecu
  • full dpf removal

we offer a ecu file service and mobile tuning service and have a fully equipped workshop. with the very best equipment be sure we can fix most ecu and tune to the very best standard.

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